Game Design

I have had the pleasure of working on two apps that saw the light of day. The first, Zombie Ninjas was only available on Android, and appears to have been removed. Below, you will see a variety of materials created for this app.

The second, Rise of Gladiators is still available on iOS (and Android if you can find it). These were designed and coded by the brilliant Garry Law, who now operates Creator Academy teaching kids to code.

Rise of Gladiators



Rise of Gladiators has you playing as a barbarian gladiator named Beefus Maximus. You are trapped in an arena and being forced to defeat 100 trained gladiator opponents in the form of Samnite (sword wielders), Retiarius (net throwers), and Cavalry (spear men).

You must quickly switch weapons to allow you to defeat each different kind of opponent.

Zombie Ninjas

Zombie Ninjas was a fairly simple app where you played as a ninja trying to defeat an unending attack of zombie ninjas. Your ninja was flung into the air from a paddle similar to a pinball game.

We had great plans for multiple levels and different abilities you could unlock that just never got made.

Some of that can be seen here.




Ripperz did not get off the ground, unfortunately. However, we created a lot of material in our preproduction phase.


I've been given permission to share some of it here.


The game was intended to be a side-scrolling platformer, where the player would control a member of the dromaeosauridae family. Moving left to right, the player would tap the screen to control the attacks against waves of herbivorous dinosaurs through a variety of eras.

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